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Petra by Mind Map: Petra

1. Myths

1.1. At the beginning of the trip to Petra, you will find very strange words and information about houses inhabited by jinn, cisterns and water dams also built by the jinn, and even the treasury, the most distinctive architectural piece in Petra, historically and historically known as the tomb of one of the great kings of Petra. The reason they are inhabited by jinn.

2. The ancient inhabitants of Petra, as historical sources tell, were Nabataean Arabs, who controlled the trade routes between Arabia and the Levant from 6 to 4 centuries BC, where the caravans were passing through their country, and perhaps through those convoys moved those gods, especially «Izza and Hubble» to It is known that the first to introduce idolatry to the Arabian Peninsula is Amr ibn Lehi al-Khuzaie, through his travels across the Levant and elsewhere, where he brought those statues that the inhabitants of the areas he used to fend off evils, envy and the wrath of nature, to other places that were still Retains the assets of religion needle Himi «relative to the father of the prophets Ibrahim Hebron».

3. Petra and arte

3.1. Petra was selected as a location for filming a number of American and international films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Passion in the Desert, Transformers, and others.

4. People

4.1. The Bedouin and Wadi Rum Bedouins have maintained excellent knowledge of plant and animal wealth, traditional medicine, camel breeding, tents, hiking and mountaineering. This is transmitted through generations orally and in practice. In addition to other cultural forms such as legends, poetry, folk tales and songs

5. Clutter

5.1. Petra is a city dug in colored sandstone in the pink rocks of Wadi Musa, so it is called the "Pink City". The visitor can arrive by car and then begin to walk between a huge city carved in the rock, hiding behind an impenetrable barrier of compact and barely porous mountains called the Siq. [11]

6. name

6.1. Alslea

6.1.1. The pink city

7. Archaeological and historical city located in the Governorate of Ma'an in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Known for its rock-sculpted architecture and ancient water canal system.

8. Petra was founded around 312 BC as the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. It has assumed a prominent position for many years, where its location on the Silk Road, the average of the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt, played a major role that made the Nabatean state to take control of the trade between the civilizations of these regions and their inhabitants. The city is located on the slopes of the altar mountain, among a group of towering rocky mountains, which form the northwestern flank of the Arabian Peninsula,