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Basement by Mind Map: Basement

1. bathroom

1.1. New node

2. stairs

2.1. 1st floor

2.1.1. bedroom 1: bookcase, desk with curved lamp, queen size bed, large rug in middle, whole row of windows on one wall, soccer ball, small closet

2.1.2. bedroom 2: toddler bed, small table with 2 chairs, vanity, dresser, toy chest, toys all over, small bookcase

2.1.3. large bathroom: full length mirror, shower/bath, small sink, cabinet attached to wall, towel rack

2.1.4. kitchen/dining room: whole row of counters on one wall, stainless steel refrigerator, 4 seater kitchen table, 3 hanging baskets for fruit/vegetables, small potted tree in the corner near windows

2.1.5. living room: coat rack, desk with computer, small couch, 2 plush chairs, toddler chair, small coffee table w/ flowers on it and books