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1. Repeat keywords changing the previous order

1.1. Example: Nose, mouth, head, knees, shoulders, toes, eyes and ears. (Pointing each of them)

2. Repeat and imitate the action

3. First step

3.1. Teacher

3.1.1. Use simple commands to make children understand

3.2. Students

3.2.1. Pay attention

4. Second step

4.1. Teacher

4.1.1. Explain what they are going to do Example: We're going to learn the parts of the body us by learning a song. So, stand up! (Teacher stands up too

4.2. Students

4.3. Okey

5. Third step

5.1. Teacher

5.1.1. Show children the different keywords Example: Head, shoulders, knees, toes, mouth, nose, ears and eyes

5.2. Students

5.2.1. Look at different flashcards teachers has shown them.

6. Fourth step

6.1. Teacher

6.1.1. Practice the keywords Example: Head! (She says the word while she points that part of the body.

6.2. Students

7. Fifth step

7.1. Teacher

7.1.1. Repeat again the keywords until they are fluency. Example: - Head, shoulders, knees, toes.. (Pointing all that parts).

7.2. Students

7.2.1. Repeat and imitate the actions Example: they imitate everything

8. Sixth step

8.1. Teacher

8.2. Students

8.2.1. Students complete the orders

9. Seventh step

9.1. Teacher

9.1.1. Explain children that they are going to do the same but alone and she sits down

9.2. Students

9.2.1. Children complete teacher's commands by themselves

10. Eighth step

10.1. Teacher

10.1.1. Make the activity more difficult Example: Put the song

10.2. Students

10.2.1. Try to follow the commands of the song Example: When the song says "head" children will touch their head

11. Nineth step

11.1. Teacher

11.1.1. Give the learners a worksheet Example: Connect the keywords to the body

11.2. Student

11.2.1. Complete the worksheet