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P by Mind Map: P

1. Possessive.

1.1. Example;my,your,its,our,her.

2. Demonstrative

2.1. Example;this,that,these,those.

3. come before a noun

3.1. Example;He has four brothers.

4. come after the auxilliary verb 'be'

4.1. Example;The baby is awake.

5. come after linking verbs like 'appear' , 'sound' , 'seem' ...

5.1. Example;The room smells unpleasant.

6. become Adjectives when they describe another noun.

6.1. Example;She lives in a brick house.

7. Verbs ending in '-ing' can also be used as Adjectives.

7.1. Example; That is a fascinating house.

8. Past Participle Verbs '-ed' ,or '-en' can be used as Adjectives.

8.1. Example;That house is haunted.

9. Some Adjectives are hyphenated.

9.1. Example;The broken-down house looks haunted.

10. If there is more than one Adjective to describe a Noun,follow this order;Oponion,size,age,shape,colour,nationality,material,purpose.

10.1. Example; I bought a small round table.

11. Comparative

11.1. Example; This shoes is bigger than that shoes.

12. Superlative

12.1. Example; I think the most beautiful flower in the world is the rose.