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SNow KB by Mind Map: SNow KB

1. common issues with resolution

1.1. Outlook Siganture Active X

1.2. Invalid H Drive (1327 Error)

1.3. MyHearst Marketplace IE8

1.4. Outlook Download Cache

1.5. IE images (Mixed Content)

2. Legacy

2.1. Timbuktu

2.2. Lexis Nexus (just one contact)

2.3. Entourage

2.3.1. Entorage Error codes

2.3.2. Entourage signutare

2.4. HFM

2.4.1. Passwords

2.4.2. Email Setup

2.4.3. Novell Client

2.4.4. Old Floor Plans

2.5. K4

2.6. PC Anywhere

3. Contacts Quick Reference Guide

3.1. Starting with exsisting guide Dave K Provided

3.2. Store in XLS for quick reference and Editing

3.3. Update Process:Guide to be checked monthly for accuracy and necessary updates

4. Server & Drive Mappings

4.1. Store in XLS for quick edit by network team

4.2. Update Process: Network team is updating as changes are made (or emailing Help Desk updates as needed)

5. Hearst Systems Documentation

5.1. Guides

5.1.1. Email Postini Ironport Access Request Process

5.1.2. Hearst Systems Meeting Maker My AIS BetaPreview Magnus/MagLite Druva Documentation Restore Citrix 41-Where AD

5.1.3. Procedures VPN Setup Hearst SC VPN Remote Desktop Setup FTP info and process Mapping network Drives via VPN Naming Conventions Mac PC Directory Services Collaboration Calendars List (monthly update process?) Access Requests Help Desk Tasks Escalation Process FA Process Email Process/Template Update Process PubTech Woodwing Guides Elements Panel Issue Telescope Nica

5.1.4. Legal CPi InfoTrax Legal Invoices (Lotus) Legal Matters (Lotus) Worksite (iManage)

6. Personel Info

6.1. Tech Schdule

6.2. Help Desk Schdule

6.3. Phone Contact List

7. Software

7.1. Repository

7.2. Caper Commands

8. News

8.1. Bullitens

8.2. Known Issues/Resolution

9. Printers

9.1. SafeCom

9.1.1. Safecom Install

9.1.2. Safecom End User Info

9.1.3. Trouble Shooting

9.1.4. ID process

9.2. Fiery

10. Mobile Devices

10.1. iOS

10.2. Black Berry

10.2.1. Device Setup

10.2.2. BES usage

10.3. Andriod

10.3.1. Moto Droid

10.3.2. HTC Droid

10.3.3. Eris

10.3.4. Droid Pro

11. Telcom

11.1. Voicemail Support

11.2. Fax Support

12. Update Process

12.1. Update Via Tickets

12.2. SNOW KB Group?

12.2.1. Andrew L.

12.2.2. Aaron K

12.3. Dave Approves?