Francesca Dipasquale's Classes

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Francesca Dipasquale's Classes by Mind Map: Francesca Dipasquale's Classes

1. American History

1.1. Miss Melchori

1.2. Likes of the class: i enjoy history

1.3. Dislikes of the class: my classmates are noisy.

2. Chorus

2.1. Mrs. Driscole

2.2. Likes of the class: I enjoy singing

2.3. Dislikes of the class: Sometimes i can't hit the correct notes.

3. Ecology

3.1. Mr. Stair

3.2. Likes of the class: there are oppertunities to get extra credit.

3.3. Dislikes of the class: The work and tests are hard.

4. Spanish 1

4.1. Mrs. Stair

4.2. Likes of the class: i'm inproving since last year and finally understanding the language.

4.3. Dislikes of the class: i had to retake the class because i couldn't understand it last year.

5. Composition

5.1. Mr. Plyler

5.2. Likes of the class: I like writing.

5.3. Dislikes of the class: we have ALOT of writing assignments.

6. 21st Century Skills

6.1. Mrs. Marshman

6.2. Likes of the class: i'm learning how to work my way around a computer a little better

6.3. Dislikes of the class: I don't have any yet but if i had to choose it would be, i have to ask alot of questions because i'm not good with computers.

7. Gym

7.1. Mrs. Breach

7.2. Likes of the class: i'm getting healthier

7.3. Dislikes of the class: i'm not athletic at all and it makes me tired.

8. Plane Geometry

8.1. Mrs. Zarret

8.2. Likes of the class: The teacher explains things well for me to understand.

8.3. Dislikes of the class: i hate math!