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Cn by Mind Map: Cn

1. Experimenting Module

1.1. (linkage with Experiment page)

2. Gantt Schedule Report

2.1. Review and Evaluate Support

3. Budget Report

4. eMTEP 2.4 version upload (NCSA Security testing)

5. Budget Module

5.1. (requested/allocated/actual budget codes)

6. Reports

6.1. Calendar Report

6.2. Export to ePRIME Report

6.2.1. Exercise Planning Module Event Details Event Milestones Toggle Event Timeline

7. Dropdown menus need to display alphabetically and no more duplicates.

8. Need calendar row (month, year, and title) to be displayed while scrolling down.

8.1. Need change notification system (Making changes to an event should be notified to other related users).

9. Need “Duplicate Event” button in all modules.

10. Help Feature

11. Need visual indicator when the system is locked.

12. Need flexible locking feature (Locking MTEP but not CTSPOW module etc.)

13. Need multi-select filters for all features. (Such as "Calendar page" should have multiple organization selection filters; Search feature should have 'organization', 'exercise type' or 'year' filters).

14. CTS POW Module

15. Stakeholders


15.2. JFCs

15.3. CCs

15.4. Nations

16. Capabilities

16.1. Calander page (12 months display of all HQs)

16.2. Partners (with eMTEP -NUPAN)

16.3. Search (key word search)

16.4. Forum

16.4.1. Request Exercise Support

16.5. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 (Non-NATO activities) Reports

16.6. Library

17. Limitations

17.1. Modernized User Interface

17.1.1. Need easy print options for all features. Pending users Priotization of CTS POW events should be done through drag and drop feature rather than scrolling up and down through the events.

17.1.2. Deleting event from MTEP Planning module should also be deleted from CTSPOW module.

17.2. Need linkage between any other web page.

17.3. Tabbed User Management Interface (Administrative)

17.3.1. Active users

17.3.2. Inactive users

17.3.3. Password/account management procedures

17.3.4. Need smooth transitions between interfaces (Ability to stay in calander year when looking at specisic exercise then return to calander page).

18. Actions

18.1. Raytheon MTEP Requirement Study

18.2. Training Management System (elearning/eITEP/ETOC/ePRIME linkage)

18.3. eMTEP NUPAN Management