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Lab 4 Feb. 6/8 by Mind Map: Lab 4 Feb. 6/8
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Lab 4 Feb. 6/8


LabVIEW Basics 1 & 2 (installed on lab machines)

"Measurement Computing" example VIs

User manual for DAQ card

Online Help for DAQ card (access from the Start menu)

Wikipedia article on aliasing


Improve LabVIEW skills

Learn a bit about data acquisition (DAQ)

Solidify git/github skills


1. (20 minutes) Fork github project for lab 3 and clone the repository to a suitable place on your local lab machine, using your own account and gitbash.

2. (15 minutes) Use "Measurement Computing->InstaCal" to verify your board is working and figure out the board number

3. (45 minutes) Create a LabVIEW VI that will acquire one data point at a time from the function generator "Point by point acquisition"

4. (1 hour) What if you want to acquire higher frequency waves?

5. Homework