Prototyping Assignment: Mind Map - Technology good or bad?

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Prototyping Assignment: Mind Map - Technology good or bad? by Mind Map: Prototyping Assignment: Mind Map - Technology good or bad?

1. Topic #1: Good - Technology shares new ideas

1.1. Social Media and campaign platforms are good ways to raise awareness about an idea or creation

1.2. News and media is accessible to more people faster and easier

1.3. Opinions and feedback can be shared in many different ways = more people in the conversation

2. Topic #2: Good - Technology allows for higher levels of communications

2.1. Phones, texting, email, etc gives people an alternative way to communicate with eachother

2.2. People can contact others who live far away which increases levels of communication = can be useful for working from home or for companies with many different offices

2.3. More families/friends can keep in touch other long distances

3. Topic #3: Bad - Technology can expose children to harmful content at a young age

3.1. Many parents feel that kids have access to too much information To Change The World, You Don’t Need A Suit

3.2. The internet allows children to watch/find material that they are too young for (ie x rated movies)

3.3. Children can be influenced by bad role models on the internet and try dangerous things at home (ie parkour on youtube = injuries)

4. Topic #4: Good - Better medical equipment saves many lives

4.1. New technology like this one in this article:

4.2. New medicine can be researched using technology

4.3. New tools and medicine can be tested safely in labs before the product is released

5. Topic #5: Good - Many new jobs are being created in the technology industry

5.1. The STEM field in universities, colleges and schools are expanding

5.2. More students are being hired for higher paying positions because of technology knowledge

5.3. Many jobs are created in this field such as the ones in this list: Best Technology Jobs of 2019

6. Topic #6: Bad - Automated technology is taking jobs away from humans

6.1. Websites like this one shows the probability of your job being taken over by robots and technology : Job Automation Rankings

6.2. CNBC predicts that 36 percent of jobs are at "medium-risk" as a machine could do between 30 and 70 percent of their tasks. Some 40 percent of jobs are at "low-risk", with less than 30 percent of their tasks able to be performed by a robot.

6.3. Puts strain on families and students financially and can lead to poverty rates and unemployment increasing

7. Topic #7: Good - New ways to teach and learn

7.1. E-learning and online classroom gives all students of many ages and backgrounds a chance to learn in their own time

7.2. Different visual tools can be used to help students with special needs

7.3. Smart classroom technology keeps children interested and engaged in the subject being taught inside the classroom = helps the teacher and educators

8. Topic #8: Bad - Social Media causing stress

8.1. Students, children and the young generation spend many hours on social media and it negatively affects their mental health

8.2. Many people are having their pictures reposted without consent = privacy issue of social media

8.3. Social media can cause depression = many people have unrealistic expectations of their life

9. Topic #9: Bad - Expensive technologies causing problems

9.1. Parents are facing pressure to buy new technology for the whole family which puts a strain on savings

9.2. Students from lower income families struggle to keep up with high tech school work which reflects negatively on grades

9.3. Small businesses have to complete with limited resources, especially in the technology department with big enterprises

10. Topic #10: Good - Technology helps with security

10.1. Advanced camera and security make it easier for police to capture suspects and monitor the safety of the public

10.2. Smart locks and other security gadgets can help protect homes and business from a break in

10.3. Software protection helps combat scammers and viruses from inside the computer to provide safe user experience