Why did the Civil War Last Four Years?

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Why did the Civil War Last Four Years? by Mind Map: Why did the Civil War Last Four Years?

1. Leadership

1.1. Abraham Lincoln

1.1.1. Lincoln did not have any previous military experience before the civil war

1.1.2. Lincoln looked at successes and failures of his enemies to find solutions

1.1.3. Lincoln appointed new generals and invested his trust in their decisions

1.2. Andrew Johnson

1.2.1. Johnson got the presidential role after Lincoln's assassination of Lincoln

1.2.2. John was one of the military leaders for the Democrats

1.2.3. He wanted to remove slavery from the country

1.3. Jefferson Davis

1.3.1. Davis was the leader of the Confederacy

1.3.2. Very good military general

1.3.3. He wanted to expand slavery

2. Military Strategies

2.1. North

2.1.1. North wanted to capture southern states

2.1.2. North attacked southern states to hopefully win them over

2.1.3. North wanted to end slavery

2.2. South

2.2.1. South was very defensive

2.2.2. South wanted to expand slavery

2.2.3. South wanted to defend their states while seceding from the Union

2.3. Generals

2.3.1. Robert E. Lee was very defensive for the south

2.3.2. Ulysses S. Grant had to be more offensive

2.3.3. South had more to lose

3. Political Aims

3.1. Democrats

3.1.1. Democrats wanted to unify the citizens all around the country.

3.1.2. Democrats supported slavery

3.1.3. Democrats had two groups, those who supported Lincoln and the election and those that opposed Lincoln.

3.2. Union

3.2.1. Union consisted of the main government of the United States and northern states

3.3. Confederacy

3.3.1. The Confederacy was 11 states that seceded from the Union in order to form a separate government

3.3.2. The Confederacy was made of southern states that believed in slavery

3.3.3. The Confederacy was convinced that Lincoln's election threatened their way of life

4. Resources

4.1. Arms

4.1.1. Southern states had a stronger military than the north

4.1.2. North had large industrial fields that were able to make ammunition

4.1.3. Minni balls were made. They had good aerodynamics.

4.2. Manpower

4.2.1. Northern states had more manpower than southern states.

4.2.2. Southern states made slaves fight for them

4.2.3. When men were fighting, women would provide medical help for the men.

4.3. Economics

4.3.1. Banks supported the war

4.3.2. Manufacturing of ammo was supported by states and private banks

4.3.3. There was only state banks