Why is Columbia University a World-Class Learning Institution?

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Why is Columbia University a World-Class Learning Institution? by Mind Map: Why is Columbia University a World-Class Learning Institution?

1. Founded in 1754

1.1. In New York, known as the oldest Institution of higher learning

1.2. 5th oldest institution in the United States

1.3. First medical school to grant M.D. degrees

2. Notable Alumni

2.1. Barack Obama

2.1.1. President of the United States

2.2. John Jay

2.2.1. Chief Justice of the United States

2.3. Alexander Hamilton

2.3.1. First Secretary of Treasury

2.4. Gouverneur Morris

2.4.1. the author of the final draft of the U.S. Constitution

2.5. Robert R. Livingston

2.5.1. drafted the Declaration of Independence

2.6. Theodore Roosevelt

2.6.1. President of the United States

2.7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

2.7.1. President of the United States

2.8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

2.8.1. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

2.9. Warren Buffett

2.9.1. CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the world's wealthiest people

3. Vast Array of Schools

3.1. Teachers College

3.2. Union Theological Seminary

3.3. School of Social Work

3.4. The Mailman School of Public Health

3.5. The School of Nursing

3.6. The College of Physicians and Surgeons

3.7. Columbia Law School

3.8. The College of Dental Medicine

3.9. Columbia Journalism School

3.10. Barnard College

3.11. Architecture, Planning & Preservation

3.12. The Jewish Theological Seminary

3.13. The School of Continuing Education

3.14. Columbia College

3.15. Columbia Business School

3.16. Arts

3.17. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

3.18. Columbia Engineering

3.19. General Studies

3.20. School of International and Public Affairs

4. Technology Based

4.1. Moodle

4.2. ClassWeb

4.3. eReserves

4.4. CampusNetwork

4.4.1. Online social networking site

5. Well Known for..

5.1. American private Ivy League research university

5.2. One of the country's nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution

5.3. Operates seven Columbia Global Centers

5.4. Encompasses twenty schools and is affiliated with numerous institutions

5.5. Highly ranked school

5.6. Renowned professors

6. Research

6.1. First North American site to split the Uranium atom

6.2. FM radio was invented here

6.3. It was the birthplace of the laser

6.4. Columbia scientists have been known for around 175 new inventions in the health sciences each year

6.5. "Columbia is ranked first in the first tier of the United States' top research universities by the Center for Measuring University Performance."

7. Student Body

7.1. 35% of student body identified as a minority

7.2. 23% born outside of the United States

8. Traditions

8.1. Orgo Night

8.1.1. Band plays to distract students on the day before the Organic Chemistry exam

8.2. Yule Log ceremonies

8.2.1. Students dressed as Continental Army soldiers carry the log to where it is lit and have a celebration.

8.3. The Varsity Show

8.3.1. An annual musical written by and for students

8.4. Tree-Lighting

8.4.1. New tradition that celebrates the lighting of the trees lining College Walk