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School by Mind Map: School

1. Homework

1.1. Do it

1.1.1. Get a good grade

1.2. Don't do it

1.2.1. Get a bad grade

1.3. Do it half way.

1.3.1. Get points off.

2. Abscene

2.1. Miss out on important lectures

2.1.1. Try to catch up

3. Study

3.1. Do it

3.1.1. Better chance of getting a good grade.

3.2. Don't do it.

3.2.1. More likely to fail a test.

4. Participate

4.1. Try

4.1.1. Get a good grasp of what's going on.

4.2. Don't Try

4.2.1. Get a bad participation grade

5. Maturity

5.1. Goof off in class

5.1.1. Get a warning Detention

5.2. Pay attention