Past the Shallows Characters

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Past the Shallows Characters by Mind Map: Past the Shallows Characters

1. Mum (deceased)

1.1. Death (Individual - Harry and Miles) (Collective - Grief, Loss, Mourning)

1.1.1. Individual Human Experience (Harry Miles) Collective Human Experiences of Grief, Loss and Mourning

1.2. Car Crash (Cause of Death)

1.3. Affair with Uncle Nick

1.4. Mother of Joe, Miles and Harry; Wife of Dad; Daughter of Grandad

2. Aunty Jean

2.1. Mum's Sister

2.2. Uncle Nick's Husband

2.3. Distant but Caring for her Nephews

2.4. Grandad's Daughter

2.5. Blames Dad for Uncle Nick's death

3. Uncle Nick (deceased)

3.1. Aunty Jean's Husband

3.2. Cheated on Aunty Jean with Mum

3.3. Worked on the Boat with Dad

3.4. Taught Miles how to surf

3.5. Possible father of Harry and Joe

4. George Fuller

4.1. Old man deformed from a House Fire

4.2. Dog named Jake

4.3. Friends with Mum and Grandad

4.4. Becomes friends with Harry and Miles

4.5. Loves fishing and the wilderness

5. Grandad (deceased)

5.1. Friends with George Fuller

5.2. Took Joe in after he left home

5.3. Left Joe the house after he died

5.4. Father of Mum and Aunty Jean

5.5. Kept parts of Mum's car

6. Joe

6.1. Older brother of Miles and Harry

6.2. Loves Surfing and Building

6.3. Left home after his Dad broke his arm

6.4. Unable to be father figure to his brothers

6.5. Implied biological son of Uncle Nick

7. Miles

7.1. Younger brother of Joe

7.2. Older brother of Harry

7.3. Loves Surfing and Wood Carving

7.3.1. Individual Human Experience (escape from reality and connection to Joe) Collective Human Experiences of Escape, Freedom and Adventure

7.4. Works on the Boat with Dad

7.5. Involved in Car Crash that killed his Mum

8. Harry

8.1. Younger brother of Joe and Miles

8.2. Terrified of the Water (seasickness)

8.3. Close relationship with George and Jake

8.4. Likely the biological son of Uncle Nick

8.5. Involved in Car Crash that killed his Mum

8.6. Has a friend named Sturt

9. Dad (Steven Curren)

9.1. Addicted to alcohol (source of anger)

9.1.1. Collective Human Experiences (addiction that affects his sons Miles and Harry) Individual Human Experiences (Joe gets his arm broken, Miles gets knocked over and hits his head on a coffee table, Harry gets most of the abuse from his father)

9.2. Physically abuses his sons (possibly wife)

9.3. Hates George Fuller and Aunty Jean

9.4. Mum "cheated on him" with Uncle Nick

9.5. Abalone Fishermen (source of money)

9.6. Father of Joe?? Miles and Harry??

9.7. Lies about the circumstances of Mum and Nick's death to hide the affair

10. Martin

10.1. Fishermen on Dad's boat

10.2. He is kind and tries his best to protect Miles from Dad and Jeff

10.3. He gets injured in a shark attack and has to take a leave of absence from fishing

11. Jeff

11.1. He is violent and sinister (as seen when he kills the shark and its babies with pleasure)

11.2. Fishermen on Dad's boat

11.3. He influences Dad's already destructive behaviour by encouraging him to drink, telling him to fish in illegal waters and abusing Dad's sons Harry and Miles

11.4. He plays a critical role in Harry's death