wood supply

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wood supply by Mind Map: wood supply

1. Sales Volumn

1.1. IJV delivery volume

1.2. Ext. Stumpage sales

1.2.1. PHA estimation

1.3. residual

1.3.1. pole for forwarding

1.3.2. bark

1.3.3. others

1.4. leftover

1.5. loss due to harvesting and transportation

2. Quality

2.1. ND%

2.1.1. Eucalytus

2.1.2. Non-Euc.

3. Unit cost per cubic meter

3.1. variable cost

3.1.1. Machine of Harvester and Forwarder and supply chain cost machine harvest rate diameter class species loss times lack of operator lack of machine lack of trees

3.1.2. Transportation cost

3.1.3. Security check attendance cost total harvesting time

3.2. fixed cost