Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart by Mind Map: Things Fall Apart

1. Speaker

1.1. Chinua Achebe

2. Audience

2.1. British Colonizers

2.2. People who are monocultural

2.3. People who don't see the negative affects of assimilation.

2.4. People who think living in excess has more humanity.

2.5. Winners of history (Writers of the Textbooks)

3. Purpose

3.1. To convince people that having multi-cultural societies is good.

3.1.1. Ethnic cleansing is what happens when people do not believe multi-cultural societies.

3.1.2. Ethnic Cleansing Video:

3.2. To demonstrate the loosing side of history

3.3. To explain that everyone has there own faith and sometime you can't change peoples minds.

4. Ethos

4.1. Igbo Tribe

4.1.1. Chinua Achebe "...of and Ibo tribe in Nigeria." (Achebe, back summary)

4.2. Nigerian Broadcasting Service

4.2.1. Recent phone hacking in London by news companies show how much broadcasting companies know

4.3. Parents were christian converts

5. Pathos

5.1. Guilt

5.2. Uncomfortable and exposed

5.2.1. "Then they came to the tree from which Okonkwo's body was dangling, they stopped dead." (Achebe 207)

5.3. Greatfull

5.4. Ashamed

6. Logos

6.1. If I can show the goodness of the Igbo tribe before the christian missionaries then they will see where they went wrong in invading the land

6.1.1. "Umuofia had indeed changed during the seven years Okonkwo had been in exile . The church had come and led many astray. Not only the low born and the outcast but sometimes a worthy man had joined it." (Achebe 174)

6.2. If I can portray the Igbo peoples feeling and emotions to the conquerors of the world then I can show that they have every right to live their own lives

6.3. If I can write about the loosing side of the history of British colonization then the colonizers will see what was lost.

6.3.1. Colonization continues to exist, with out the colonizers seeing the negative effects, with the colonization of Mars.