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Schizoid by Mind Map: Schizoid

1. Characteristics

1.1. Prefer to be independent

1.1.1. Tend to do activities alone

1.1.2. Don't want or enjoy close relationships Little to no interest in sexual relationships If married, his/her lack of interest in intimacy may create marriage or family problems. Have the impression that feeling pleasure is not achievable

1.1.3. More likely to live alone

1.2. Weak social skills

1.2.1. Have difficulty expressing emotions and reacting appropriately to situations

1.2.2. Generally unaffected by praise or criticism

1.2.3. Typically viewed as cold, humorless, or dull

1.3. May appear to lack motivation and goals

1.3.1. Sleep instead of going to work or to school

2. Causes

2.1. Like the majority of personality disorder, the cause is not known

2.2. Genetics may play a factor

2.2.1. Higher chance of getting schizoid if parent or another family member has schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, or schizophrenia.

2.3. Environment may play a factor

2.3.1. Having a parent that is cold, neglectful, or unresponsive to emotional needs increases risk.

3. Prevalence

3.1. Men are more likely to have this disorder than women

3.2. About 3.1%-4.9% of the general US population has schizoid

3.3. Usually develops in late adolescence or early adulthood

4. Treatments

4.1. Medication is not usually recommended

4.1.1. If patient is struggling with extreme anxiety or depression, medication can be prescribed

4.1.2. Bupropion may be used to increase feelings of pleasure

4.1.3. Antipsychotic medication can be used to treat feelings of indifference

4.2. Therapy

4.2.1. Individual Psychotherapy Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Can gradually affect the formation of a friendship between the patient and therapist Simple treatment goals should be focused on (current stress or concerns).

4.2.2. Group Therapy Can help develop better social skills Can help you become more comfortable in social situations