Week Six - Brainstorming Mind Map - COM210_X70

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ASMR by Mind Map: ASMR

1. What is ASMR?

1.1. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

2. What Do I Want to Speak About ASMR? Why Is It My First Topic?

3. Summertime, Traveling, Watching/Going To Moves, Reading Books

3.1. Gone with the Wind

3.1.1. Characters Main Character: Katie Scarlett; Parents: Gerald and Ellen O'Hara; Sisters: Susan Elinor (Suellen) and Caroline Irene (Careen); Scarlett's Beau's: the Tarleton Twins (Stuart and Brent), Charles Hamilton, Frank Kennedy, Ashley Wilkes, Rhett Butler

3.1.2. Settings Scarlett's Childhood Home: Tara Aunt Pittypat's House In Atlanta Scarlett's Home In Atlanta

3.1.3. The Point Historical Fiction Romance Novel

4. Civil War?

5. 1920s

5.1. Fashion

5.1.1. Flapper Dresses

5.1.2. Bobbed Hair Style

5.1.3. Beads

5.1.4. Long Cigarette Holders

5.2. Bootlegged Alchohol

5.2.1. Imported/Exported

5.2.2. Made?

5.3. Speakeasies

5.3.1. Who's Permitted?

5.3.2. What Is A Speakeasy?

5.4. Gangsters

5.4.1. Rivals? Rum.Beer,etc.

5.5. The Great Depression?

6. Depression

6.1. What Is Depression?

6.2. What Causes Depression?

6.3. What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

6.4. How Is Depression Treated?

6.5. Overcoming Depression

6.5.1. Listening To Music

6.5.2. Exercising

6.5.3. Loving Oneself