The Duration of the Civil War

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The Duration of the Civil War by Mind Map: The Duration of the Civil War

1. Abraham Lincoln

1.1. Leader

1.1.1. He was a very smart and strong leader

1.1.2. Lincoln was very disciplined, he practiced it at a young age

1.1.3. He was very determined and was very good at persuading people

1.2. Views and Beliefs

1.2.1. Believed everyone was equal and should have the same amount of freedom and rights

1.2.2. He wanted to abolish slavery as he believed it would tear the country down

1.2.3. He was a Republican and he gained a lot of supporters from the North

1.3. War tactics

1.3.1. He was very intelligent and he used smart war tactics

1.3.2. He had the idea of "Total War" which meant to completely destroy the Confederates

1.3.3. Used a strategy to and they blockaded the Mississippi River so the Confederates could not get their supplies

2. The Union (North)

2.1. Advantages

2.1.1. The North had great leadership

2.1.2. They had a greater population than the South, this meant more people were willing to fight

2.1.3. They had lots of factories which meant they were able to produce huge amounts of ammo, weapons

2.2. Disadvantages

2.2.1. They were not experienced in the North

2.2.2. Sometimes the leaders missed opportunities to catch the opposition by surprise

2.2.3. Did not believe the war would last as long as it did

2.3. Assets

2.3.1. Had railroads, steamboats which allowed them to transport goods

2.3.2. They also had canals and roads which helped transport solders at anytime

2.3.3. The North had more wealth than the South

3. The Confederates (South)

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. The South were more experienced, they had marksman and hunters

3.1.2. They were fighting for their way of life, this motivated them to stand their ground and not lose

3.1.3. They had leaders who did not give up and kept fighting

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. They had less people than the North

3.2.2. They lacked supplies, since the North blockaded the Mississippi River

3.2.3. Did not have many factories, were not able to create as many weapons as they wanted

3.3. Assets

3.3.1. The South was fighting on their home ground

3.3.2. Allies from overseas were sending them supplies

3.3.3. They were fighting a defensive war

4. Jefferson Davis

4.1. War tactics

4.1.1. Chose a good leader to lead the army, Robert E. Lee

4.1.2. They were mainly fighting a defensive war

4.1.3. Defend their home ground and stand their ground

4.2. Views and beliefs

4.2.1. Believed in slavery

4.2.2. Supported the Southern states

4.2.3. Was part of the Democratic party

4.3. Leader

4.3.1. He had lots of integrity

4.3.2. He showed decisiveness as the leader of the Confederacy, especially during the war

4.3.3. Motivated the South to fight for their way of life, and to stand their ground