Assisted Tree Range Expansion Project (ATREP)

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Assisted Tree Range Expansion Project (ATREP) by Mind Map: Assisted Tree Range Expansion Project (ATREP)

1. Goal

1.1. Develop and promote a community based planting and monitoring project to help assess the viability of assisted range expansion as a climate-adaptive forest restoration tool in Northwest Michigan.

2. Steps for Development

2.1. #1. Background research and species selection.

2.2. #2. Creation of project back-end components (spreadsheets, map, project management folder).

2.3. #3. Website construction.

2.4. #4. Design project logo and brochure.

2.5. #5. Organize outreach activities to recruit participants.

2.5.1. 5a. Direct landowner outreach during site visits (ongoing).

2.5.2. 5b. Distribution of project brochure at community events (ongoing).

2.5.3. 5c. Articles published in Leelanau Conservation District and Leelanau Conservancy newsletters.

2.6. #6. Meetings with potential project partners (other local conservation organizations).

2.6.1. 6a. Leelanau Conservancy

2.6.2. 6b. Conservation Resource Alliance

2.7. #7. Secure project future

2.7.1. 7a. Present a motion to the Board of the Leelanau Conservation District to include management of ATREP in the job description of District Forester.

2.8. #8. Review project expectations with participants during tree order pick-up in April.

2.9. #9. GIS analysis of plantable space to inform future project outreach

3. Working Components

3.1. Website

3.1.1. About page Basic project info Species descriptions Further reading

3.1.2. Get Involved page Steps to participate Data collection instructions Data entry form

3.1.3. Project map Shows total participants, all registered trees, and most recent data on each individual tree.

3.1.4. Contact page

3.1.5. Community forum Discussion platform with different themed messaging boards to share project updates and discuss related resources.

3.2. Back-end components

3.2.1. Wix account used for website maintenance

3.2.2. Google Drive folder Participant outreach spreadsheet Project data spreadsheet Outreach materials Relevant literature Project photos

3.2.3. Google MyMaps used for project mapping

4. Governance and Management

4.1. Leelanau Conservation District

4.1.1. Board of Directors approves or denies project goals and management strategies.

4.1.2. Staff coordinates tree procurement and distribution by working with nurseries, distributing order forms, and hosting the annual tree and shrub sale.

4.2. District Forester Kama Ross

4.2.1. Conducts project outreach to attract participants.

4.2.2. Provides site assessments and species recommendations.

4.2.3. Communicates with project participants as needed.

4.3. Madeline Baroli

4.3.1. Inputs data into project spreadsheet & Google MyMaps.

4.3.2. Manages website.

4.3.3. Communicates with project participants as needed.