Mind Map For my Life Plan Portfolio

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1.1. History

1.1.1. Art History

1.1.2. Civil Rights Movement The Harlem Renaissance

1.1.3. Queer History

1.1.4. Anthropology

1.2. Plants and Animals

1.2.1. Gardening Self Sufficient Living

1.2.2. Farming

1.2.3. Animal Ethics

1.2.4. Vegitarianism

1.2.5. Plant Symbolism Victorian Plant Symbolism

1.3. Space

1.3.1. Space Travel Artemis 2025 Moon Missions

1.3.2. Pulp Sci-fi Cyberpunk

1.4. Writing and Literature

1.4.1. Classical Literature Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Oscar Wilde Novels I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison

1.4.2. Self Published/Indie Poetry Writing my own poetry Zines Comics

1.4.3. Graphic Novels Alan Moore's Works Hellboy Akira (Japanese) Snowpiercer (French)

1.5. Art

1.5.1. Color Theory Color symbolism Analogous color schemes Double complementary color scheme Color schemes in fashion

1.5.2. Painting/Drawing Observational Drawing Renaissance/Baroque Watercolor Acrylic and Gouache Paint Portraiture Digital art Animation

1.5.3. Film Film Analysis Queer Theory Feminist critique Animation Surrealist Animation Ghibli Films Documentary Film Paris is Burning

1.5.4. Tattooing Single Needle Hand Poked Tattoos Minimalist/Geometric Tattoos Vaporwave-est Tattoos

1.6. Social Activism

1.6.1. Queer activism

1.6.2. Intersectionality

1.6.3. Feminism

1.6.4. BLM

1.6.5. Standing up for Indigenous Rights

1.6.6. Environmental activism

1.7. Music

1.7.1. Punk Concerts The Showbox Indie Performers Moshing

1.7.2. Rock Chuck Berry Led Zeppelin The Beatles

1.7.3. Metal Northlane El Corazon

1.7.4. Old School Jazz


2.1. Event Planning

2.1.1. Color coding

2.1.2. Coordinating schedules

2.1.3. Planning schedules

2.1.4. Time management

2.2. Art

2.2.1. Technical Drawing Skills Graphite Colored pencil Charcoal Observational drawing

2.2.2. Watercolor painting

2.2.3. Acrylic painting

2.2.4. Gouache painting

2.2.5. Pet portraits

2.2.6. Digital art Logo design Tattoo design

2.2.7. Mixed media, Block printing, Etc.

2.3. Research/Informed Critique

2.3.1. Through research skills

2.3.2. Decent writing ability Confidence in traditional and nontraditional essay formats

2.4. Gardening

2.4.1. Keeping plants alive

2.4.2. Tilling soil

2.4.3. Harvest seasons

2.4.4. Greenhouse management

2.4.5. What's poisonous or not

2.5. Social Media Management

2.5.1. Product Outreach

2.5.2. Advertising

2.5.3. Influence Building

2.6. Cleaning

2.6.1. Laundry Folding Laundry

2.6.2. Vacuuming

2.6.3. Painting

2.6.4. Organizing Expert at color coordination

2.6.5. Decluttering

2.6.6. Interior Decoration Knowledge of Color Theory Knowledge of design Knowledge of aesthetics Ethical (Not Aesthetic) Minimalism Ability to provide Information on consumer advocacy Creation of less stressful More mindful living spaces