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Building a Social Clique by Mind Map: Building a Social Clique
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Building a Social Clique

What?: Boulder Net group on LinkedIn

To bring together professionals in Colorado who are already in LinkedIn

Goal: Drive group membership

Method: Increase search engine presence

Prime the group: Invite members from my own network to join the group.

BoulderNet Blog: Stories about businesses, organizations, events and jobs in and around Boulder

Squidoo Lens: A portal for bringing together news, books and RSS feeds. Another purpose is to create link to LinkedIn group page.

Links in other blogs: Participate in conversations in other blogs and post link to BoulderNet blog for click-thrus


Membership: 370+ members in 1 year. But growth rate is mostly attributable to LinkedIn adding support for group search

First two pages of Google Search: Search for "Boulder Network" and "Boulder Networking" in google gives links to the Blog,Squidoo Lens or the LinkedIn group page in the first or second page