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Inglés by Mind Map: Inglés

1. Future Teaser

1.1. Will

1.1.1. Express future actions decided at the moment of speaking. + She will walk in the park - She will not walk in the park ? Will she walk in the park?

1.2. Going to

1.2.1. Express future plans decided before the moment of speaking. + They are going to visit is next weekend - They are not going to visit is next weekend ? Are they going to visit in next weekend?

2. Present Continue

2.1. It is used to talk about something that is happening at the moment we talk.

2.1.1. + You are reading a book - You are not reading a book ? Are you reading a book?

3. Modal Verbs

3.1. Modal verbs express choice, ability, possibility, need or other condition. We use them for the future.

3.1.1. Would Is used to declare a preference and to ask for something educational. • I would smell something burning • Would you hand me the pencil? • I would help you with spanish

3.1.2. Can Indicates ability or possibility. • I can speak three lenguages • Can you hand me the pencil? • I can send this letter for you

4. Present Perfect

4.1. For

4.1.1. 1. For ten seconds 2. For christmas eve 3. For my birthday

4.2. Since

4.2.1. 1. Since last week 2. Since a decade 3. Since a long time

4.3. It narrates events that have already ocurred at a specific time or in the past but still have relevance in the present

4.3.1. 1. I have been in Italia 2. Have i ate insects have you? 3. They have memoried for nearly 50 years