Unit Lesson Plan: Indigenous Literature

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Unit Lesson Plan: Indigenous Literature by Mind Map: Unit Lesson Plan: Indigenous Literature

1. Lesson 1

1.1. Monday: Literacy Activity: - Reading/Listening/Speaking Duration: 90 minutes Description: Choral Reading - Read I am Not a Number through a shared reading. This is the second week we are working with this text. Ensure that students know they have the right to pass. Pause at certain times and ask questions that prompt critical thinking and making connections.

1.1.1. Overall Expectations: (Reading) 1 Specific Expectations: - Reading 1.6 (Extending Understanding)

1.1.2. Assessments: AfL - Exit Card (to determine if students understand the big idea from the story)

2. Lesson 2

2.1. Tuesday: Literacy Activity: - Writing Duration: 90 minutes Description: Journal Entry - Students write a journal entry describing how they would have felt in the shoes of the character in the book. Emphasize perspective-taking and emotions

2.1.1. Overall Expectations: (Writing) 1 Specific Expectations: - Writing 2.5 (Points of View)

2.1.2. Assessments: AaL - Checklist (to verify that they have met the expectations of taking the perspective of another person and discussing emotions)

3. Lesson 3

3.1. Wednesday: Literacy Activity: - Reading/Writing Duration: 90 minutes Description: Poem Analysis - Have a mini lesson on poetry. - In small groups, students read the poem I Lost my Talk. Together, they analyze the poem and discuss its meaning. Ask students to make connections to the book. Students document their ideas (i.e. chart paper).

3.1.1. Overall Expectations: (Reading) 1 Specific Expectations: - Reading 1.4 (Demonstrating Understanding) - Reading 1.6 (Extending Understanding)

3.1.2. Assessments: At-a-Glance Recording Sheet (record observations when conferencing with groups)

4. Lesson 4

4.1. Thursday: Literacy Activity: - Writing/Media Duration: 90 minutes Description: Ted Talk - Watch first 5 minutes of Ted Talk Why Indigenous Languages Matter and reflect. Compare the ideas presented in the Ted Talk to the ideas discussed in the poem I Lost my Talk. Write a brief text demonstrating thinking (i.e. Venn diagram, point form)

4.1.1. Overall Expectations: Writing 1 Specific Expectations: - Writing 1.2 (Developing Ideas) - Writing 1.4 (Classifying Ideas)

4.1.2. Assessments: Peer Assessment (AaL) (Swap work with another student and list two things they did well and two things they could improve)

5. Lesson 5

5.1. Friday: Literacy Activity: - Media Duration: 90 minutes Description: Media Art - Students create a piece of art representing a major theme from the mentor texts using magazine clippings. The following period, students will share and present artwork in a gallery walk. Monday: Literacy Activity: - Media/Listening/Speaking Duration: 90 minutes Description: Gallery Walk - Students will complete a gallery walk. They will answer peer questions about their piece and ask meaningful questions. Students will use sticky notes to provide feedback to peers.

5.1.1. Overall Expectations: (Media Literacy) 3; (Oral Communication) 2 Specific Expectations: (Media Literacy) 3.4 (Producing Media Texts); (Oral Communication) 2.2 (Interactive Strategies)

5.1.2. Assessments: AoL: Rubric (for presentation/discussion and media piece)