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Hibernation by Mind Map: Hibernation

1. Read Bear Snores on

1.1. Complete sequence activity about Bear Snores On

2. Read Hibernation Station

3. Read The Mitten

3.1. Writing prompt: A ___can fit in my mitten

4. Read A Bed for Winter

5. Compare A Bed for Winter (non fiction) and Hibernation Station (fiction)

6. Learn songs: We're going on a Bear Hunt and Are you Sleeping?

6.1. Go on a "bear hunt" around school

6.2. Dance motions to Are you sleeping?

7. Hibernation Sensory Bin- find animals that hibernate

8. Hibernation morning bins-

8.1. Can you create a place to hibernate out of marshmallows and toothpicks?

8.2. Can you build a hibernation station for animals out of blocks?

8.3. Can you make a place to hibernate out of paper plates, cotton balls and glue?

9. Complete a "can , have , are"chart for bears

10. Hibernation inquiry

10.1. explore how to get berries out of ice (representing food for animals)

10.2. Explore what it feels like to have fur to keep you warm

11. create hibernation stations in the classroom during dramatic play

12. make bear track snacks

13. create hibernation stations for various animals using materials in the classroom

14. Talk about different animals that hibernate and those that adapt or migrate during winter months

15. Create a list of things we do to keep warm in the Winter months

16. Hibernation Day for students to celebrate the culmination of the unit. Hibernation Party? Wear Pajamas?

17. Take a walk around the school grounds to identify various local animals and find where they live

18. Create bird feeders and hang them around the school yard to feed the animals in the winter