Cell Division

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Cell Division by Mind Map: Cell Division

1. Cytokinesis

1.1. The division of the cells cytoplasm

1.2. Starts before end of mitosis

1.3. Ends after mitosis ends

2. Mitosis

2.1. Stages of Mitosis

2.1.1. Prophase Asters formed in animal cells Centrioles move away from eachother Kinetochores attach to kinetochore fibers Chromatin becomes coiled into chromosomes

2.1.2. Metaphase Spindles fully develop

2.1.3. Anaphase Chromatids seperate and move towards cell ends Centromeres move apart

2.1.4. Telophase

2.2. Occurs after Interphase

3. Interphase

3.1. Stages of Interphase

3.1.1. Gap 1 Cell increases in size

3.1.2. Synthesis DNA is synthesized

3.1.3. Gap 2 Cell synthesizes proteins and continues to grow in size

3.2. Nucleus

3.2.1. Chromosomes are duplicated, but in the form of chromatin

3.2.2. Bounded by a nuclear envelope

3.3. Occurs first in cell division