Educational Technology

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Educational Technology by Mind Map: Educational Technology

1. Vision K-12 Students

1.1. Most teachers don't integrate technology in a way kids can use

1.2. Lots of different technology that can be implemented

1.3. Times are changing

2. 3 Phases of ET

2.1. Phase 1, lecture with technology.

2.2. Phase 2, students use technology to learn on their own and implement that knowledge into a paper

2.3. Phase 3, getting students to use 21st century technology to create new things.

3. Shift Happens

3.1. China has better education than us

3.2. China is surpassing us as a nation

3.3. China has more honor students than we have people

3.4. Number one jobs were never even thought of when those people were in school.

3.5. There are jobs for the future no one will imagine

4. Instructional Technology

4.1. Technology is changing

4.2. Slow changing until 00's

4.3. Once the web was created, technology exploded

5. 21st Century Learners

5.1. Learning the skills to remake the old information anew

5.2. New forms of media created by students are helping others to learn.

5.3. Teachers teach kids how to learn in a school setting.