What Makes A Country Unified

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What Makes A Country Unified by Mind Map: What Makes A Country Unified

1. Religion throughout history has united people for causes. The Papal States being a prime example of this. The crusades being another example of religion uniting people. For many centuries religion and politics coincided.

2. One leader or group of leaders with one unified goal

2.1. Leaders who are capable of administering a country

2.2. Smart educated and responsible leaders

3. Law and order

3.1. Laws which put the people first, and keep they, themselves, safe.

3.2. Laws are enforced and people are punished for breaking them

3.3. Having the same culture and customs is what can truly unite people. Having the same custom as your neighbor makes a person feel connected to their community and safe. Different cultures may clash and cause civil disorder.

4. Steady food supply

4.1. A civilization needs food to stay happy and keep in check as to not revolt and cause outrage

5. Military

5.1. A strong military unified people.

5.2. Military to protect the countries people and to protect the right to be unified

6. Culture

7. Religion

8. Language

8.1. Language barriers can divide people who live together. An example being Quebec who have a strong sense of self identity. Without language barriers, people can live and connect to each other no problem