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Suspensions by Mind Map: Suspensions

1. It is bulky, sufficient care must be taken during handling and transport.

2. have pleasing odour, colour and palatability.

3. Ideal suspension

3.1. Uniform, perfectly spherical particles

3.2. Very dilute suspension settle without effecting turbulence in their downward course

3.3. Be Homogeneous mix of drug

3.4. No collision of the particles of the suspensoid and without chemical or physical attraction or affinity for the dispersion medium

4. Sizes of suspension.

4.1. Coarse suspensions

4.2. Nano suspensions

4.3. Colloidal suspensions

5. Types of suspensions

5.1. Antibacterial oral suspension

5.2. Analgesic oral suspension

5.3. Anticonvulsant oral suspension

5.4. Antacid oral suspension

5.5. Anthelmintic oral suspension

5.6. Antibiotic oral suspension

6. What is the suspension?

6.1. preparations containing finely divided drug particles (referred to as the suspensoid) distributed somewhat uniformly throughout a vehicle in which the drug exhibits a minimum degree of solubility

7. Route of administration

7.1. Topical

7.2. Oral

7.3. Otic

7.4. Ocular

7.5. Parenteral

8. Disadvantages of suspensions

8.1. Stability, sedimentation and compaction can causes problems

8.2. It is difficult to formulate

8.3. Uniform and accurate dose can not be achieved unless suspension are packed in unit dosage form

9. Why We Need Suspensions?

9.1. To increase chemical stability

9.2. Ease of swallowing liquids and the flexibility in the administration of a range

9.3. Mask unpleasant taste of drugs