Digital Citizenship AS AS

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Digital Citizenship AS AS by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship AS AS

1. Rights and Responsibilities AS

1.1. Using others documents with permission

1.2. Every have rights to have privacy

1.3. Posting things you will regret later because they will be there forever

1.4. Just like there is a Bill of Rights there are a basic set of rights for everyone.

2. Literacy AS

2.1. Spelling and grammar A.S

2.2. Language A.S

2.3. Language

2.4. Different technology should be told and used in different areas

3. Communication AS

3.1. Don't talk about other people badly on the internet.

3.2. Better don't talk to people you don't know on the internet.

3.3. Don't use sites such as omegle, the people are total strangers and you shouldn't show them your face or things to identify you.

3.4. Keep in touch with your friends on internet.

4. Health And Wellness AS

4.1. Good Posture

4.2. Taking Breaks

4.3. Eyes Health

4.4. Becareful of radiation

5. Etiquette AS

5.1. You should always get someones permission before posting a photo/video of them on the internet. A.S

5.2. Be polite to others.Don't use rude words.

5.3. Don't reveal information about other people if they don't want you to.

5.4. If you don't have well digital etiquette,other people will be uncomfortable to talk to you.

6. Law AS

6.1. Hacking websites is a crime.

6.2. Don't upload something that disobeys the law.

6.3. Obey the law or rules on the internet.Or you won't have access to that

6.4. Downloading music, plagiarizing, creating destructive worms, viruses or creating Trojan Horses, sending spam are all illegal.

7. Access AS

7.1. Don't forget your account and password.

7.2. Make sure only you can access your accounts on websites.

7.3. Everyone should have a fair amount of access to technology. No exclusion.

7.4. Places or organizations with limited connectivity need to be addressed.

8. Commerce AS

8.1. When you buying things on internet,make sure you buy something useful.

8.2. Make sure the website or person you are buying things from is reliable.

8.3. Don't tell others your credit card or debit card details.

8.4. There are so many things avaliable to buy online, but there is also a lot of goods and services which are in conflict with the laws or morals of some countries are surfacing.

9. Security AS

9.1. Remember your password and don't tell others !

9.2. Keep your posts about where you are on twitter and/or facebook to a minimum.

9.3. Keep your sites such as facebook on a private setting.

9.4. Protect your computer.