Digital Citizenships CL KL

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Digital Citizenships CL KL by Mind Map: Digital Citizenships CL KL

1. digital Rights and responsibility

1.1. Follow terms and conditions

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1.2. be responsible

1.3. Follow rules and instructions

2. Digital Access

2.1. Equal acess

2.2. Dont tell other people your password

2.3. Don't hack

3. Digital Commerce

3.1. Don't blackmail someone to giving you money

3.2. Dont give your bank account details to random sites and people

3.3. make sure when u go online shopping you trust that website, so u can shop safey.

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4. Digital Communication

4.1. Dont be mean to others

4.2. no online bullying

4.3. Don't talk to strangers

4.4. Make sure you know the person you are talking to

5. Digital Health and Wellness

5.1. Take a rest every once in a while

5.2. Rest for 10 minutes after looking at the screen

5.3. Go out and get fresh air

5.4. Make sure u keep ur self hydrated

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5.5. Have something to eat

5.6. Look out from ur window into the green trees so ur eyes can repair itself

5.7. Have a good, comfortable chair to sit in

5.8. don't be too close to the screen

5.9. sit ur back straight so you don't crouch.

6. Digital Law

6.1. Don't do anything illegal

6.2. online shopping should be safe before you pay the money

6.3. don't commit plagiarism

7. Digital Security

7.1. make sure ur password isn't easy to guess

7.2. Dont give you details to random people

7.3. keep ur password safe

7.4. Never give ur identity to others

7.5. Dont add people you dont know

7.6. don't share private infomation

8. Digital Literacy

8.1. Dont believe everything you read on the internet

8.2. go on trustworthy sites

8.3. don't commit plagiarism

9. Digital Etiquette

9.1. respect people

9.2. Don not call people bad names

9.3. Dont use rude or insulting words

9.4. use your manners and be polite

9.5. say no to cyber bullying

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