Digital Citizenship- NM HM 8-C

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Digital Citizenship- NM HM 8-C by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship- NM HM 8-C

1. Etiquette

1.1. Ask for permission before you post pictures/information about someone else on the internet. NM 8-C

1.2. Ask your family or friends before you post pictures of them and yourself on the internet. NM 8-C

1.3. Don't reveal others information if they don't won't to. HM 8C

1.4. Always follow rules that others have set HM 8C

2. Access

2.1. Don't take advantage of your internet access opportunities. NM 8-C

2.2. Be sure to ask for permission before accessing/ signing up on websites. NM 8-C

2.3. You are the only person who can access your accounts HM 8C

2.4. Everybody should have a fair amount of access technology HM 8C

3. Commerce

3.1. Don't enter your bank and credit card details to random sites NM 8-C

3.2. Don't get scammed online NM 8-C

3.3. Think before you buy HM 8C

3.4. Don't give out your bank details to anyone HM 8C

4. Law

4.1. Don't make several accounts or copy and paste photos and information (plagiarism). NM 8-C

4.2. Follow the rules and regulations on websites. NM 8-C

4.3. Hacking websites is a crime HM 8C

4.4. Cyber bulling HM 8C

5. Rights and Responsibilities

5.1. Don't copy information from the internet. NM 8-C

5.2. Follow your internet usage guidelines. NM 8-C

5.3. When using documents that aren't yours HM 8C

5.4. Posting things on the internet HM 8C

6. Security

6.1. Don't tell anyone else your password. NM 8-C

6.2. Be careful what you post on the internet NM 8-C

6.3. Use the privacy settings HM 8C

6.4. Don't talk to strangers HM 8C

7. Literacy

7.1. Even in private emails, don't be rude NM 8-C

7.2. Don't edit pages just to be funny or silly NM 8-C

7.3. Don't swear or curse on HM 8C

7.4. Spelling and Grammar HM 8C

8. Health and Wellness

8.1. Keep your back straight to prevent injuries. NM 8-C

8.2. Don't look at the computer screen for too long. It can harm your eyes. NM 8-C

8.3. If something is worrying you warn someone HM 8C

8.4. If you are getting stress form using digital equipment HM 8C

9. Communication

9.1. Don't talk about people on the internet NM 8-C

9.2. Don't talk to strangers or people you don't know NM 8-C

9.3. Don't be rude to others HM 8C

9.4. Dating site HM 8C