Digital Citizenship AF IG EC

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Digital Citizenship AF IG EC by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship AF IG EC

1. Know your passwords to the computer so you have enough access to the computer -a.f

2. Digital Law

2.1. Don't copy things off the internet-i.g

2.2. When you are putting information on the computer, make sure it is not copyrighted and that you have the right to use it.-a.f

3. Digital Access

3.1. Don't hog the computer, make sure everyone gets a turn. -a.f

3.2. be aware of and support electronic access for all to create a foundation for Digital Citizenship-a.f

4. Digital Literacy

4.1. Use shortcuts when possible when chatting online to make typing a bit easier. -a.f

4.2. Learn how to use the right language when on the computer.a.f

5. Digital Health and Wellness

5.1. look away from the screen every now and then to prevent you from going blind- a.f

5.2. Keep a good posture -a.f

5.3. Don't stay on the computer for long lengths, take a break between every one and a half hours. -a.f

6. Digital Communication

6.1. Dont talk to people that you dont know on the computer -a.f

6.2. Don't use inappropriate language -i.g

7. Digital Etiquette

7.1. Dont use bad language when on the computer . -a.f

7.2. Don't go into any websites and don't click on anything you don't trust. e.c

8. Digital Commerce

8.1. Profit and Economy- i.g

8.2. Buying stuff off the internet- i.g

9. Digital Security

9.1. Keep your credit card details safe from unwanted websites- a.f

9.2. Dont give out your personal details unless you are sure the website is trusted- a.f

9.3. Don't give anyone your personal details and passwords. e.c

9.4. Dont download unwanted downloads because they may contain viruses- a.f