Columbia "A World Class University"

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Columbia "A World Class University" by Mind Map: Columbia "A World Class University"

1. Great People

1.1. Diverse National and International Faculty

1.2. Diverse Student Body

1.3. 90% of Students graduated in top 10% in HS

2. History

2.1. One of the oldest schools in US

2.2. Prestige / Ivy League

2.2.1. Successful Alumni

2.2.2. Alumni Giving Financial Endowment Quality Facilities

2.3. Location: World Class City

3. Strategic Vision

3.1. Leadership

3.2. New Ideas and Approaches

3.3. Global Footprint

4. Research Excellence

4.1. Tenure demands it

4.2. All coursework requires it

4.3. A patent powerhouse