Individual and Family Research Practice

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Individual and Family Research Practice by Mind Map: Individual and Family Research Practice

1. Demonstrating what is the depth and scope of the Y reach?

1.1. Annual Report

1.2. National Membership/Program participants

1.3. Third-party vendors

2. Developing/enhancing science and measurement behind how Ys work with people to strengthen communities

2.1. Logic model development for Y programs

2.2. Lit. reviews

2.3. Analzying Y movement outcomes vs. science, and external organizations

2.4. Supporting Ys who participate in research

2.4.1. ACA

2.4.2. CORD 2.0

2.4.3. InGear DPP study

3. Demonstrating impact of Y programs "What happens as a result of a person’s Y experiences?"

3.1. Facilate relationships with third-party partners/vendors

3.1.1. Youth outcomes

3.1.2. Quality assessments

3.1.3. TPAs

3.2. Camp Metrics

3.3. In-house health outcome analysis

3.4. In-house adult universal outcome measurement

3.4.1. NORC study

3.4.2. Health Participant evaluations

3.5. Supporting Ys with ad hoc analysis for reporting to partners/funders

4. Developing Y and Y-USA capacity for measurement and improvement

4.1. Data tools and/or processes to create insights and action

4.1.1. PowerBI (DPP, BPSM)

4.1.2. MMOD

4.1.3. Program outcome excel templates (LIVESTRONG)

4.1.4. Key Indicators report

4.2. REDCap system to capture health program data

4.3. Piloting, testing, interating tools for program improvement

4.3.1. YMCA's DPP Champions, Retention

4.3.2. Aquatics

4.4. Supporting Ys with National Recognition program (DPRP)

5. Contribute to Y thought leadership

5.1. Abstrats

5.2. Manuscripts

5.3. Presentations

5.4. Partner/coalition/collaboration

6. Changemakers?

7. Strategic Plan goals: Implement shared YMCA operational, output, and outcome measurements to demonstrate impact Enhance YMCA data and analytical capacity to drive insights and continually evolve the Y

8. Survey support?