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Rips by Mind Map: Rips

1. waves break into each other creating rips

2. A rip is when a powerful wave goes out to sea, and pulls people out with it.

2.1. there are 5 types of rips

3. What is a rip?

3.1. It is a powerful current

3.2. its a strong current that causes 80% of problems in the sea

3.3. a rip is a kind of current

3.4. Rips form when waves break near the shoreline.

3.5. a thing

3.6. when sand was break down by the water.

3.7. A rip is a deadly current

4. How is a rip formed?

4.1. It is made from a braking wave

4.2. when two waves collide and then the current changes

4.3. When the waves break near the shoreline piling up water between the beach and the waves

4.4. A rip is formed from wind, and the breaking wave pushes it onto the shoreline.

4.5. A lot of waves break in different directions and break, and that can form a rip.

4.6. rip form when

5. How do you identify a rip?

5.1. A rip current can be found where two objects meet each other from a distance and have water flowing between them

5.1.1. waves moving apart

5.2. Discoloured or murky brown water caused by sand stirred up off the bottom of the ocean.

5.3. If you see murky brown water, that’s in a rip because of the sand.

5.3.1. the current pushing out

5.4. 1. dirty sand at the bottom 2. a rippled look

5.5. a darker shade of water in the shape of a tree .

5.6. It would look different to how it used to look.

5.7. A darker bit it in the water and waves moving apart.

5.8. It usually looks like a calm patch of water with a lot of waves around it

6. If you get caught in a rip, what should you do?

6.1. you let it take you and when its finished you swim back because fighting a rip is just going to tire you

6.2. let it take you out to sea and when it stops swim back in

6.3. Keep calm and call for help if you are not a strong swimmer.Float or tread water until you can swim out of the current.Swim parallel to shore to escape the current. Swim diagonally to the shore after you're out of the current.

6.4. Swim diagonally to the shore once out of a rip.

6.5. Yell for help

6.6. There are 2 things you can do - call for help, it will be much easier. You should also never swim against it, it is as strong as the ocean. Instead, you should try swim out of it. Doing anything more or something else will completely drain your energy to swim. -Robert and Muzzammil

6.7. If you are not a strong swimmer call for help.

6.8. lie back and scatter body density.

6.9. You fall onto your back, put your hand in the air, and let the wave take you. Someone will eventually see that you are in danger, and rescue you. Remain calm, and DO NOT PANIC!

6.10. swim sideways parallel to the beach

6.11. stay calm and get help

6.12. Chill/Relax

6.13. stay calm and call for help

6.14. You can either just relax, or swim parallel to the beach