MSBO Technology in the Classroom

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MSBO Technology in the Classroom by Mind Map: MSBO Technology in the Classroom

1. Director of IT - Former Technology Coach - Former middle school science/social studies/computer science teacher

2. Curriculum: How does technology fit?

2.1. What Curriculum?

2.1.1. Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS)

2.1.2. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards

2.2. Accessing the Standards

2.2.1. Michigan K-8 Digital Literacy Project

2.2.2. Lesson

2.2.3. Curriculum Mapping-Atlas

2.3. Michigan Content Standards

2.4. Curriculum Challenge: Construct a flow chart that shows the relationship between your role in the district and student learning

2.5. The Learning Gap

2.5.1. Teachers: Know how to teach but not using tech tools.

2.5.2. Kids: Know how to use tech tools but not for learning.

2.5.3. Techies: Know how to use tech tools for learning but often not teaching. Balance My textbook is broken!

2.6. Online Safety

2.6.1. CIPA

2.6.2. Be Internet Awesome

2.6.3. Common Sense Education

2.6.4. Assessing the Standards

2.7. STEAM

2.7.1. Not Steam....

2.7.2. Will Robots Take My Job

2.8. Technology Support for Curriculum Scavenger Hunt: GooseChase

3. Tools: Mobile and Global

3.1. The Filter Debate

3.1.1. COPPA Educators Guide to Student Data Privacy

3.1.2. Social Networking The Case for Creativity

3.1.3. CIPA (again) How Internet Filtering Hurts Kids

3.1.4. Taking it Home Devices Accounts

3.1.5. Making the Sausage

3.2. The Tools

3.2.1. The Virtual Classroom MindMeister Online Concept Mapping Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams Blended, Flipped and 21f ADA Compliance

3.2.2. 21Things For Students Cell Phones For Teachers

3.2.3. Displays IWB Standard For Whiteboards But are they really effective?

3.2.4. One to One Bring Your Own Devices OneRoster Tablets Low Cost Laptops Cross Platform! Apps Apps Apps! How to support? How to evaluate? What's available? Security

3.2.5. Makerspace East Lansing Public Library Maker Space MakerSpace for Education Coding with Ozobot Activity Ozocode Sheet K-12 BluePrint CEHS plants a seed for STEM | Central Michigan University What support is needed to make classrooms Maker friendly? What support can tech provide for classroom coding opportunities?

3.3. az

4. Budget: The Money Chase

4.1. Total Cost of Ownership

4.1.1. One to One

4.1.2. Processor, Bandwidth and Storage Needs

4.2. What Schools are Doing

4.2.1. Open Source Textbooks Michigan GoOpen

4.2.2. Grants and Awards

4.2.3. Tech Department Downscaling

4.2.4. Student Interns

4.2.5. Standardization

4.2.6. Staff development Edupaths

4.2.7. SPOT

4.2.8. Managed Printing

4.2.9. Consolidation

4.2.10. Cloud Storage

4.3. How does your district's instructional expenditures compare with others in your area?

4.4. How much $$ is spent in your district Classrooms?

4.4.1. Look up your district

4.4.2. Where do technology expenditures fit?

4.4.3. What are other funding sources?

5. Synthesizing and Sharing

5.1. Any new ideas?

5.2. Ready to tackle a new challenge?

5.3. Already doing some of this?

5.4. Meet any new colleagues?

6. What's your role

6.1. Content filtering. Classroom applications support/data integration

6.2. Director of Technology and Communication

6.3. Technical Support Specialist - Background in general EDU tech support and coordination

6.4. ISD Tech Dir - technology background

6.5. System coordinator

6.6. Exec Dir of IT - Background in system development and ISD leadership

6.7. System Engineer

6.8. Technology Director-Classroom Experience

6.9. Network Administrator - Network security for the students. Working with teachers to integrate technology in the classroom.

6.10. Information Services Coordinator

6.11. Tech director - no teaching background

6.12. Tech Coordinator - all thing’s technology

6.13. Tech Director-Technology Background-Networking

6.14. K-12 Technology Coach-Teaching Background

6.15. Systems Engineer - Content Filter, Security, and user managment

6.16. Technology Director and certified teacher

6.17. Supervisor of instructional technology

6.18. Tech Dir. - Implement updated classroom tech

6.19. Tech Supervisor - No teaching background. General tech support.

6.20. Tech Director - Direction, support and classroom Integration.

6.21. IS Coordinator

6.22. Systems Engineer - support servers and applications that teachers and students use

6.23. Director of Instructional Technology - Classroom teacher background

6.24. Tech coordinator - mostly technical and consulting. Some training one on one and in groups.

6.25. Tech. Coordinator

6.26. Regional CTO