Harmony Clinic

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Harmony Clinic by Mind Map: Harmony Clinic

1. Harmony Clinic offered you by Dr. Monva is a holistic beauty and skin care clinic operated in Bangkok's city center. Easily available from Sala Daeng BTS sky-train station and open everyday from 11 am until 8 pm. Dr. Monva is a popular holistic beauty practitioner and also an advanced yoga instructor. Our key services provided at Harmony Clinic include; Facial Treatments, Active Skin Whitening, MADE Collagen, HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound), Anti Wrinkle Treatments & Dermal Fillers. Under the Harmony Clinic brand, we also sell organic and natural beauty products that can be purchased on our website store where you will find a variety of vitamins and antioxidants that help to cleanse your body and set you on a path to a healthier body and mind. For concerns or to learn more on the right treatments for you, Dr. Monva is always available online and can give fast direct advice, you can call her direct or you can reach her on social media platforms such as LINE, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or direct contact via the Harmony Clinic website. Address: 3rd Floor, Charn Issara Tower 1 942, Rama IV Rd Suriya Wong, Bang Rak Bangkok 10500 Thailand Phone: 083 852 4174 Website: https://harmonyclinicbangkok.com