K-ESS2.D What is Weather?

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K-ESS2.D What is Weather? by Mind Map: K-ESS2.D What is Weather?

1. Days 1-3 A Look at Weather

1.1. Students will explore and identify evidence of different types of weather by gathering evidence from an outdoor exploration and educational video.

1.1.1. PEEP and the Big Wide World: Stormy Weather | PBS LearningMedia

2. Days 4-6 Weather Factors

2.1. Students will engage in a digital interactive lesson to collect evidence about each type of weather and compare the different types

2.1.1. https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=https://d43fweuh3sg51.cloudfront.net/media/media_files/eea6060d-976b-4536-bcac-cf184717f38b/97e7a54c-6966-4b27-80cb-48b9f027e97f.docx

2.1.2. A Look at Weather Factors | Interactive Lesson | PBS LearningMedia

3. Days 7-9 A Closer Look at Weather Factors

3.1. Students will watch a video on real-life images of types of weather and then identify weather clues to decide how characters should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

3.1.1. https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=https://d43fweuh3sg51.cloudfront.net/media/media_files/eea6060d-976b-4536-bcac-cf184717f38b/9026e5d0-eaec-47e1-bf33-decafe55250e.docx

3.1.2. Different Types of Weather | PBS LearningMedia

4. Days 10-11 What? Weather? Assessment

4.1. Assessment: Students will create a diagram using appropriate Science vocabulary and elements of weather

4.1.1. What? Weather? Assessment