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sales letter / ebook / presentation resources for your team

my DIY

early bird,

jv site,

sales letter,

ebook, for potenital buyers of service, could use it as an OTO,, for potential buyers of plugin,

swipe emails long and short versions,

others related


content locker

share on social networks, facebook share, linkedin share, G+

display 3 buttons, 2 buttons, or only one

to open user must share on all or only on one

list building

aweber integration w/, G+, Facebook

Banner Image - Call To Action

split testing

html or visual

specify sharing options

customize share message, links, picture

redirect traffic

persuasive element in form of blurred locked content

after you delete the shared link, the post gets locked back again unless its G+, bad api

coupon feauture

how to videos

how to add hidden content on blog post

how to add hidden contetn on all posts

how to add call to action

how to connect fb app

hot to connect linkedin app

how to connect google app

how to connect aweber app

how to install plugin

how to activate plugin

iframe bypass: how to add blurr image automatically

how to blurr iframe

how to set coupon

how to test the process of sharing and publishing - if everythig is set correctly

how to read stats: sharing / impressions * 100% ; number of impressions you read from google analytics

how to use "FB user Info" and export list of people for coupon redemption

how to promote the plugin and earn

how to test G+ app settings

how to test Fb app settings

best practices

for autoblogs - use "Master Hidden Content"

professional blogger for premium posts

small businesses offering discount in form of coupons,



as standalone website

use html widget to direct to landing page with plugin in action

offer product with lower price in hidden area

banner image - call to action

html, add spokeperson, add buy button - user instead of sharing decides to pay for premium post, add optin form - user instead of sharing decides to receive information by email, insert video introduction, video starts playing with 30 sec silence, so visitor can read through first example

as facebook Tab

with like gating

without like gating


cheaper intem promotions

benefits of plugin

improves traffic

improve social exposure - brand awerness

improves seo diversification

improves:stay time of your posts

gives feeling of reciprocity

list building

it is interactive, demands interaction from visitor

as facebook tab

increase fans with like gating

promotions get viral

To DIscuss / Suggestions

which support ticket platform to use

delivery of licencing keys and training material in membership site or standalone hrml?

price options

17 - powered by...non brandable, can add affiliate link, single

27 - powered by...non brandable, can add affiliate link, multi domain

47 - powered by...brandable, can add its own link, can send business owner a special link ehwre they can monitor sharing info in real time, developer license

sales funnel

oto1, 21 - clean wp theme + offline coupon PDF templates + brandable whiteboard video

oto2, 7 each - clean wp theme OR offline coupon PDF templates OR brandable whiteboard video

use share reveal for bonus at the last site of sales funnel

affiliate contest, we have it?

commisions structure?


use of retargeting

on affiliates

on premium buyers

lite version - after the launch to the wp library

functionality, only "master hidden content" functionality, premium functions are visible to lite version with embeded aff. links to premium salespage

delivery, one week before premium launch: lite version WSO for 7usd or free upon sharing, for affiliates to download with their embeded aff link to send it to their lists as a free give away

warming up of buyers

through affiliates, email swipes, longer, shorter, free pdf ebook, can embed their aff link or redirect to early bird, lite version

through forum, early bird - 3 days, free pdf ebook, open Wso for lite version, 7 usd or download for free - must share - 7 days before premium launch


to survive the traffic

how are buyers added to my email list - the process?

to both emails, single email, buyer list

survey from buyers, let them engage

promo videos

sales video

walthrough video

future upgrades

add more autoresponder services

add twitter, pinterest buttons

add referral tracking

add traffic analytics