Far away in the galaxy

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Far away in the galaxy by Mind Map: Far away in the galaxy

1. An Empire

1.1. A Religious dictature

1.2. Inquistion

1.3. Many planets under its authority

1.4. Hunt people with thelekinesic powers

1.5. Oblitary military service at the age of 18

2. Title : The choosen one

3. Main character

3.1. Considered as heretic due to her thelekinesic power

3.2. Name : Nayla

3.3. the story take place on her native planet : Zanarkan 1

3.4. Traumatize by the erradication of people on Zanarkan 2, a planet located in the same system, due to a riot against Empire

4. Disruptive element

4.1. Nayla is in danger, during military service, soldier are often controled by inquistion

4.2. Her Mysterious Division sergeant, Demiurge help her to avoid control and prepare a riot to free her planet

4.3. Demiurge is in reality, Archangel 1, a former general of the golden phalanx, the greatest tool of the inquisition, who is now a renegate in quest of redemption. He also ordered the destruction of Zanarkan 2