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Dataloop by Mind Map: Dataloop

1. Annotation Services

2. Data Ops

2.1. Data Management

2.1.1. SORT & FILTER Quickly prioritize items for annotation or review, with sorting and filtering functions available both by item info and annotation parameters

2.1.2. QUERY Find, select and distribute items within your dataset, enter details into items' metadata for custom querying, or search items by history, status, and labeling types

2.1.3. STRUCTURE Upload, export, manage and query your data directly from your code with our Rest API and interactive CLI, made for building automations into your data management workflows

2.2. Data Versioning

2.2.1. DATA VIRTUALIZATION Expand your dataset by generating virtual versions of each item, without taking up extra storage or demanding additional raw data

2.2.2. DATA BRANCHING Create data subsets and repositories based on shared properties, such as creation time, annotation classes, labeling providers and more. Inspect versioning timeline and history

2.2.3. DATA SANDBOX Run numerous "data experiments" on selected items - clone, split and merge different versions together, edit versions' metadata, compare versions for accuracy and more

2.3. Storage Management

2.3.1. CLOUD INTEGRATION Connect your "bucket" or file system with our provider-agnostic serverless infrastructure, designed for automatic indexing and easy querying of integrated data

2.3.2. ON-PREM Ensure maximum data privacy and security by using our Kubernetes-clusters for on-premise deployments, keeping your data access internal and exclusive

2.3.3. DATALOOP CLOUD Expandable cloud storage to host your data, pre and post labeling. Use bulk uploads via our CLI to import millions of items at once, then organize and query data on our UI or directly via REST API

2.4. Sensor Fusion

2.4.1. IR & THERMAL IMAGING Labeling is supported on all image and video formats that are displayable by browser, enabling annotations on most forms of frame-rate, bit-rate, and media types, including greyscale, thermal and standard RGB compositions

2.5. Analytics Dashboard

2.6. Dataloop API

2.7. Dataloop SDK

3. Production Pipelines