Rise and Fall of Bethesda Softworks

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Rise and Fall of Bethesda Softworks by Mind Map: Rise and Fall of Bethesda Softworks

1. The beginning

1.1. Origins

1.1.1. Bethesda was founded by Christopher Weaver in 1984 who also later founder Bethesda's current parent company ZeniMax Media in 1999

1.1.2. Was originally a division of Media Technology Limited which was established to be the successor

1.2. Gaming

1.2.1. Bethesda was also known for publishing games for famous movie franchises as in "The Terminator","Star Trek", and "Pirates of the Caribbean"

1.2.2. The first game was helping on the first madden football game supporting EA, and used that knowledge to create their own and first Bethesda game Gridiron!

2. Fall of Bethesda

2.1. Fallout 76

2.1.1. players had to pay an astounding $100 subscription just to receive and use items that should have been in the base game anyways. And they announced this subscription after saying a free update would be delayed.

2.2. re-selling Skyrim multiple times

2.2.1. Skyrim is a phenomenal game, it defiantly was a highly anticipated game. but re-selling it over and over for new consoles probably wasn't the best decision, it took them 8 years to finally announce the next installation to the series

2.3. paying for mods

2.3.1. Fallout 4 introduced a interesting concept that almost died on arrival. The Creation Club. This was a store that added mods made by the devs to add to your already heavily modded game. These "mods" were nothing more really than re-skins of the pip boy, power armor, and certain articles of clothes. There is little to nothing worth buying on the creation club, it was a cash grab

2.4. having a spin off be better than their own

2.4.1. Fallout New Vegas is defiantly one of the top Fallout games, arguably the top. For Bethesda however, this didn't mean much because they had the original studio make the game while they were figuring out Skyrim. Bethesda knows they couldn't have done that with New Vegas, and at times they don't acknowledge it in interviews

2.5. Fallout mobile game

2.5.1. fallout shelter was a mobile game that seems to be more of a cash grab more than anything else. While you can scavenge for weapons and armor, your chances of finding them were so low, the legendary gun on their store for only 1.99 was looking very tempting, especially after being attacked and almost killed off by raiders and death claws.

3. Rise of Bethesda

3.1. Elder Scrolls

3.1.1. The creation of Elder scrolls: Arena was Bethesda's first successful game that put them onto the map in 1994

3.1.2. Bethesda came out with multiple entries to "The Elder Scrolls" which all were enjoyed by the community including the community favorite and latest Elder Scroll game "Skyrim".

3.2. Fallout

3.2.1. Bethesda bought the rights to Fallout in 2007 from Interplay Entertainment who originally made the first 2 entries. Bethesda made mass differences to the game like changing the camera set from above the ground to First person and keeping it a Role Playing game with more focus on being a shooter.

3.2.2. With the rights Bethesda created their first Fallout game "Fallout 3", with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in 2006 and Fallout 3 coming out in 2008 kept Bethesda loved and had the players wanting more from them.

4. Peak of Bethesda

4.1. Fallout: New Vegas

4.1.1. To keep players satisfied Bethesda hired a separate company, Obsidian Studios, so that a fallout game could be released while Bethesda can still focus on the next main title in the series. What no one expected was the game to become so successful to be deemed as one of the best if not the best fallout game in the series by players.

4.2. The Evil Within

4.2.1. This game was not developed by Bethesda but was Published by them, Bethesda being apart of a genre they had not worked on before, most of the games developed by Bethesda were RPG's like Elder Scrolls and Fallout or Published were shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein. Publishing The Evil Within showed that Bethesda was open to other ideas and games than the usual RPG's the players were used to.

4.3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4.3.1. this game is in the 25 best selling games of all time selling over 30 million copies. the game nearly came out on everything since its launch in 2011 the game won 14 awards and 17 nominations