Course syllabus

Here are some basic information on this distance learning course on budget formulation.

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Course syllabus by Mind Map: Course syllabus

1. Description

1.1. This course presents a typical national budget process.

1.2. It begins with the preliminary steps.

1.3. And its ends with the Government’s presentation of its proposed budget to Parliament.

2. Organization

2.1. Course instructors

2.1.1. Mojca Voljč, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Slovenia

2.1.2. Vesna Derenčin, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Slovenia

2.2. Course coordination

2.2.1. Urska Zrinski, Center of Excellence in Finance

2.2.2. [email protected]

2.3. IT support

2.3.1. Aleksander Nadj

2.3.2. [email protected]

3. Learning objectives

3.1. Identify and define key preliminary steps in the budget formulation process, including revenue estimation.

3.2. Analyze and prepare a basic set of budget instructions for budget users.

3.3. Understand how government activities may be classified and how to analyze and present program information.

3.4. Prepare a budget analysis issue paper that presents information and data in an organized, coherent manner.

4. Course topics

4.1. Budget process and procedure

4.2. Budget instructions

4.3. The case study

4.4. Strategic planning and program budget requests

4.5. Budget examination

5. Course evaluation

5.1. Survey at the end of the course


6. Grading

6.1. 5 assignments

6.1.1. February 17, 2012

6.1.2. February 24, 2012

6.1.3. March 2, 2012

6.1.4. March 9, 2012

6.1.5. March 16, 2012

6.2. Each assignment is worth 20 points

6.3. You need to reach 70 out of 100 points to pass the course and get a certificate

7. Rules of conduct

7.1. Submit assignments on time

7.2. You will need to fill out the evaluation form in order to get a certificate

8. Information

8.1. Feel free to contact us through e-mails

8.2. Contact us through Moodle

8.3. Moodle "News forum"