The role of the planner: Mr. Hussain

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The role of the planner: Mr. Hussain by Mind Map: The role of the planner: Mr. Hussain

1. As you design engaging learning experiences, be sure to include student interest in the experiences. Make sure to create an environment that promotes engagement while being high effective.Also, connect learning to real world things that students can relate to.

1.1. In my classroom, I always allow my students to reflect in order to make meaningful connections. I have collected interest surveys of my students and create lessons that my students are interested in and will learn from.

2. Students should ALWAYS be involved in their learning. This can be in many forms. Students can conduct surveys and exit tickets and suggest things that would be meaningful to them. They can also come up with learning targets and goals to help structure their learning.

2.1. In my classroom, I always allow students to create learning goals and reflect on if they reached their goals. I also give students task and allow them to come up with a plan on how they will get it done. Sometimes, I give students a list of ways they could practice skills and allow them to choose and plan how they want to practice.

3. Differentiation will always be present if students are being agentic learners because they will be responsible for their learning in their own way. The teacher could also also plan for differentiation through centers and cross-curriculum.

4. Because you are trying to honor the agentic perspective of your students and facilitate student-centered assessment, I suggest you plan with the students in mind. First thing is to be very familiar with your students. I would do this in the form of interest surveys and student feedback. I also would keep in mind that the students are in charge of learning and they need to be in constant collaboration with the teachers and other students. Furthermore, always promote ownership.