Anne Frank

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Anne Frank by Mind Map: Anne Frank

1. Introduction

1.1. Age: 15 years

1.2. Siblings: Margot Frank

1.3. Real name: Annelise Marie Frank

1.4. Born: 12.June.1929 in Frankfurt am Main

1.5. Died: beginning of March 1945 in the KZ Bergen-Belsen

1.5.1. This is what they found in the documents, but the death day is not really sure

1.6. Parents: Otto Heinrich Frank and Edith Frank-Holländer

1.7. Nationality: Germany Religion: Jewish

1.8. Her look: brown half long hair

1.9. Reason for the hiding: in July 1942 were Jewish people be called to go to a labour camp

2. Her diary

2.1. Her diaries name was "Kitty"

2.1.1. She got this dairy at her 13 birthday and wrote down in it on the same day

2.1.2. Her first line was : „Ich werde, hoffe ich, dir alles anvertrauen können, wie ich es noch bei niemandem gekonnt habe, und ich hoffe, du wirst mir eine große Stütze sein.“  in English: I will, I hope so, confide you everything, like I had never done to anybody before, you will be a great support for me."

2.2. Her diary was like a friend for her and she could tell her everything

2.3. Was firstly published in the language of the Netherlands, because of her father

2.4. It's one of the most readen books of the world

2.5. Today it is translated in 67 different languages

3. Her life

3.1. 1933: family ran away, because of the National socialists to Amsterdam

3.2. After the invasion of the German troops, Anne Frank and her family hides in a rear house in total they were 8 people in the years 1942-1944

3.2.1. Anne shared a room in 1942 with Fritz Pfeffer

3.3. 4.August.1944 Anna Frank's family and the other family was founded by the police and brought them to a camp

3.3.1. Anne Frank, her mother Edith and her sister Margot got separated from the others In oktober were Anne and her sister separated from her mother, because they got sick Anne and Morgot were brought to Auschwitz and her mother stayed in Auschwitz-Birkenau Her mother got fever and was brought in a barrack for diseases

3.4. Anna Frank and her sister Margot Frank came in the concentration camp in Poland Auschwitz

3.4.1. The hair of them was cut off, till her heads were bold The hair of the prisoner was selled for german textile factory's and carpet factory's, for 50 Pfennig as kilo

3.5. Both got sick there and passed away close behind one another

3.5.1. They were under weighted Because of the small amount of food they got

3.5.2. Both got the sickness called Thypus It's a sickness that shows symptoms of fever and the people of this time got them mostly, because of lice When somebody got this it's a high chance that they die after a few days without medical treatment

3.5.3. They were in the death camp of Auschwitz A camp were people go to die

4. Sources






5. Interesting facts

5.1. The day Anne and Margot died is not found out. Two witnesses which were the classmates of Anne said, that Anne and Margot looked dull and lifeless as they were bought on the 7.February.1945 to Auschwitz.

5.2. Her dad survived and contacted a person which helped them to hide in the rear house. She had the diary of Anne. After that Anne's dad published the diary, because he thought that Anne wanted this to happen.

5.2.1. Otto Frank died at the 19.August.1980

5.3. The UNESCO took the dairy from Anne Frank in the year 2009 to the memory of the world programme

5.4. Anne and the boy Peter from the other family, got closer after Anne needed someone to talk to

5.4.1. They fell in love with each other, but after some time Anne doesn't wanted this anymore while Peter still believe in their relationship

5.4.2. Peter did saw Anne the last time on the ramp of the train to Auschwitz-Birkenau

5.4.3. He died at the 10.May.1945 at the age of 18

6. The films

6.1. Example

6.1.1. Name: "Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank" in English "The diary of Anne Frank"

6.1.2. Published in 2016

6.1.3. Period: 2hours and 8 minutes

6.1.4. Reggie: Hans Steinbichler

6.2. Amount: 2019= 10 films

6.3. Newest version

6.3.1. Love all you have left

6.3.2. Published in 2018 in the UK

6.3.3. Reggie: Matt Sivertson

7. What Anne Frank has left for the world

7.1. A see-through of her life in the 2nd world war as a jewish person

7.2. She helped scientists and historians to get to know what happened in this time of century and how dangerous it was to belong in the wrong religion in Germany

8. Today