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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Oral Language Assessments

1.1. Initiate-respond-evaluate

1.2. accountable talk

1.3. nonverbal cues

1.4. language frames

1.5. value lineups

1.6. language registers

1.7. students need to talk a lot in an effective learning environment

2. Formative Assessment

2.1. Established purpose/learning objective

2.1.1. motivates students

2.2. Provides feedback to students

2.3. Teacher modifies instruction based on results

3. Summative Assessment

3.1. Evaluate student learning at the end of the learning period (end of the unit, end of the year, etc.)

3.2. Provides generalized feedback to teacher

3.3. Helps students to review/retain concepts

4. Using Questions to Assess

4.1. Global Questioning

4.2. How to engage everyone

4.2.1. Response cards, hand signals, ARS, socratic seminars

4.3. Sometimes students don't understand the question

4.3.1. Ask another question, unlocks information and provides the students extra time to think

5. Written Language Assessments

5.1. Interactive writing

5.2. Read write pair share

5.3. Summary writing

5.4. Writing to learn

6. Assessing with Projects/Performances

6.1. Frequent opportunities for formative assessment and revision

6.2. Learning-appropriate goals

6.3. Social organizations that promote participation and a sense of agency

6.4. Readers' Theatre

6.5. Multimedia presentations

6.6. Visual displays of information

7. Tests

7.1. Provide individual student feedback

7.2. Provide student accountability

7.3. Multiple choice

7.3.1. Select

7.4. Short answer

7.4.1. Supply

7.5. Essays

7.5.1. Supply

8. Common Assessments

8.1. Teachers with common courses meet and decide on a timeline (aka pacing guides)

8.2. Teachers select instructional materials, strategies, approaches, and arrangements

8.3. Every six weeks at least, students participate in a common assessment of learning

8.4. Teachers score and meet to discuss the results, then make changes in curriculum/teaching methods