A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Mind Map: A Christmas Carol

1. Charles Dickens

1.1. Some of Charles Dickens novels

1.1.1. bleak house

1.1.2. Oliver Twist

1.1.3. The Pickwick Papers

1.1.4. A Christmas Carol

2. Scrooge

2.1. Scrooge is a grumpy old man that want money and he dont want to buy coal becues is cost to much and when he can buy that ting the do not cost so much as that oder thing

2.2. How does screoog look? He has a big nose nad he has grey hair he has a cane he is old he has a hat on and he has many wrinkles he has a beard that is also grey

3. Jacob Marley

3.1. Jacob is scgooge old panther and they worked all the time then jacob died and huntet scrooge

3.2. Jacobs jaw is lose and he has chains on he has an old suit on and hes eyes is funnie

4. Bob Cratch

4.1. Bob Cratch works for Scrooge Bob is a little scrade of scroge and Bob son little timmy is sick and they need money to get him from diedning Bob is a hard worker and he has a big family to feed so he works hard

4.2. Bob has a hat on he has a brown coat on he has blue eyes he has a beard thats brown he has clovs on

5. Litte Timmy

5.1. Timmy is a boy he is sick and near to death he is a god boy

5.2. Timmy has brown hair and a brown coat and he has blue eyes and

6. Made by Alexander Kranz from 7.B