Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by Mind Map: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

1. Democratic Rights

1.1. Vote rep.

1.1.1. Parliament Parents voted in 2019 fed. election

1.1.2. Legislature Parents voted in 2019 prov. election

1.2. Running

1.2.1. Election candidate for our riding was a regular person who lived in our neighbourhood

1.3. Vote freq.

1.3.1. min. 5 years Previous fed. election: 2015 - Most recent: 2019 - diff: 4 years

2. Fundamental Freedoms

2.1. Thought

2.1.1. Media

2.1.2. Expression Classmates constantly making fun of Premier Jason Kenney :/ Restrictions on hate speech? Kinda ambiguous...

2.2. Religion

2.2.1. I have the freedom to leave my church without any objection if I feel like it

2.3. Assembly

2.3.1. Classmates were permitted by school (and parents) to leave for climate change rally at Legislature

2.4. Association

2.4.1. I have the freedom to side with whichever political party I want

3. Legal Rights

3.1. Life, liberty, security

3.1.1. Like any other human being, I have the right to live, be "free," and be "safe"

3.2. Enforcement restr.

3.2.1. Search/seizure The police can't break into my house unless they have a good reason

3.2.2. Imprisonment

3.3. Fair trials

3.3.1. Juries come to a decision entirely based on evidence - no other influence

3.4. Interpreters

3.5. Cruelty-free punishment

4. Equality Rights

4.1. Race

4.1.1. Viola Desmond (before Charter but still) - discrimination against blacks

4.2. Nationality/ethnicity

4.2.1. Overrepresentation of First Nations in prison - discrimination

4.3. Religion

4.3.1. Bill 21 in Quebec - discrimination?

4.4. Gender

4.5. Age

4.6. Disability

5. Minority Language Rights

5.1. Education lang.

5.1.1. Citizens Minority first lang. Child's edu.

5.1.2. Siblings

6. Mobility Rights

6.1. Provincial work mov.

6.1.1. My mom's cousin moved from Edmonton to become a doctor in Toronto

6.2. National

6.2.1. In, out, stay Visiting relatives outside of Canada, vacations

7. Official Languages

7.1. Equal status

7.1.1. Parliament Election debates in both English and French

7.1.2. Court

7.1.3. Services Demand for lang. Service Nature

7.2. New Brunswick

7.2.1. Equal status Legislature Court Services

8. purple - universal; pink - citizens