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disobey rules by Mind Map: disobey rules

1. contravene

1.1. The company is found guilty of contravining safety regulations

2. defy

2.1. I wouldn't have dared to defy my teachers.

3. breach

3.1. The government is accused of breaching the terms of the treaty.

4. dissent

4.1. (n)political/religious dissent

4.2. (v) Only two ministers dissented from the official view.

5. infringe

5.1. The material can be copied without infringing copyright.

6. insubordinate

6.1. This was dangerous, irresponsible, and frankly insubordinate.

7. cheeky

7.1. a cheeky grin

8. unrully

8.1. He struggled hard to control his unruly emotions.

8.2. unruly hair