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LIFE by Mind Map: LIFE

1. to live independently

1.1. to start our own business

1.1.1. create an app: the planner nice to have personal goal tracker DESIRE TRACKER krivka tuzeb intenzita TOP tuzeb

1.1.2. build an online store: with the things we are gonna be making drawings furniture accessories etc cosmetics

1.1.3. build an online art porfolio: photography designs writings portable homes? :) made from recycled materials?

1.1.4. learn about project management, brand identity, marketing, take courses

1.1.5. polívky přidat do nich L dopu

1.1.6. Brand names ideas: svet.lo umeneni murka.ko kůlna světAků bunkr ukryté MYTVARI criterias: czech easy to prnnc for forgnrs personal meaning authentic nazev by mel mit možnost podkategorii (brand na nabytek/polivky/maluvky/.. zlvast), ale nejaky signatrue prvek, co je propojuje... T: slova, co se mi líbí: okamžik umění světlo ozvěna moře tvor T: existující názvy, co se mi líbí: ODIVI TYIDENTITY BLAHO-PŘÁNÍ METAFORMI HUGO CHODÍ BOS ushyté jakoby toyen young_block SMYSSLY

1.2. to work remotly

1.3. to need as little as possible

1.3.1. start making/growing our own things

1.3.2. to economize nakládat s penězi (= s časem, který jsme za něj vyměnili) podle priorit jaké jsou ty (ekonomické) priority? 22+4=26 000

1.4. to live in a van

1.4.1. good offers Transporter 92, 250k km, 160k czk

1.5. to have our own place

1.5.1. a recycled hut we build on our own lands: portable home:

1.5.2. ideas Fully Functional Garage Homes michelle de la vega

1.5.3. "how to" sources links


2.1. to live authentically

2.2. to live LOVINGLY

2.2.1. good, clear, unoffensive communication

2.2.2. taking care of each other

2.3. to live close to nature

2.4. to live actively

2.4.1. crossfit membership

2.4.2. biking

2.4.3. surfcamp

2.4.4. hiking

2.4.5. skiing

2.5. to live by values

2.6. to have strong + efficient mind & body

2.6.1. tools: mindfulness meditation good clean diet exercise supplements enough sleep stable routine


2.7.1. Canada until 30

2.7.2. Van

2.7.3. Dog

2.7.4. Tynka's (paid) internships in Europe Erasmus intrnshp right after BC Evropska dobrovolnicka sluzba until 30 countries wed like to experience: Irsko, Portugalsko, Norsko, Island, Finsko

2.7.5. Tynka's masters Canada, NL, UK,..?

2.7.6. Land


3.1. Learn guitar

3.1.1. equip to buy KOMBO 600,- PICK medium


4.1. learn about marketing to grow mytvari

4.1.1. get a job in the industry

4.2. vyvolavani fotek